Meet Our Doulas

Jeni Johnson, CD(DONA)


Jeni is a graduate of the University of Florida. She has been a certified Doula through DONA International for approximately 14 years. She is trained in Hypnobirthing® Labor Support Techniques and is a proud member of Operation Special Delivery. Jeni has attended over 150 births. She has been in attendance of water births, VBACS, Cesarean Sections and high risk births. Jeni’s role is to supply a woman and her partner with information with which they can make the best personal decisions for themselves. She supports the partners so that they are able to participate at their own comfort level. She believes a doula’s non-judgmental supportive role is very influential to the labor, birth, and postpartum outcome. Jeni values a good relationship with her clients and their families as well as the medical /labor professional community. Jeni is also a Reiki practioner focusing on Prenatal and Postpartum women.

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Tina Camilleri-Sconhoft, Doula, CIMI


Tina has worked with over 150 various types of deliveries including VBACS and high risk pregnancies.  She focuses on whatever the immediate needs are for her families. Often times this can include physical comfort measures such as massage, words of affirmation and constant emotional support. Pregnancy, childbirth and babies have become her passion. Tina also focuses on health and nutrition during pregnancy and after. Her ultimate goal is to provide her clients with the tools they need to have healthy pregnancies and make educated choices in order for them to have the birth they desire. Tina is a proud member of Operation Special Delivery, and is also certified in Hypnobirthing® Labor Support Techniques. Tina has studied Dancing For Birth and hopes to incorporate this in her practice. She receives her training as a Doula through DONA International. Tina is also a Reiki practioner focusing on Prenatal and Postpartum women and is a certified Infant Massage Instructor.

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