“Thank you Jeni for the most wonderful childbirth experience! I was 37 weeks pregnant and received news from my doctor that due to a low platelet count, there was a high chance I would have to be induced and that (with my levels as they stood), I would not be able to receive an epidural. To that date, my only birth plan was to have an epidural. How else is someone supposed to endure the pain of childbirth? I was terrified at the thought of an induction without anesthesia! A friend referred me to Doulas of the Palm Beaches and Jeni immediately got back to me and we set up a time to meet. Jeni was so calming and reassuring from the second we met. She is kind, patient and very knowledgeable. She did not push a particular birth plan on me and instead, assured me that she would support me regardless of the birth plan we chose (i.e. natural, medicated, or cesarean.) We proceeded with the induction a week later and even though my platelets were back up and the hospital allowed me to get the epidural, I opted against getting it because of how much support I felt from Jeni! The birth was beautiful and unforgettable. I never thought I would ever say that about childbirth. I thank Jeni from the bottom of my heart for all of her help. I know that I could not have done it without her.”


“I called Jeni after having a couple of different people in the natural birth community recommend her as a doula. When I first spoke to her, I was single, 7 months pregnant with my first baby, and fairly new to Jupiter—I felt I lacked the support I needed to have a child, much less the support I needed to have a child the way I wanted to: without interventions. I feel immensely lucky to have run into Jeni. She not only supported my choices in every possible way; she also immediately impressed me with her kindness, her down-to-earth approach, and her knowledge of the pregnancy/birth process. During my daughter’s birth, Jeni helped me clarify choices related to my medical care, advocated for me when I needed to express myself to care providers, and encouraged me when I needed to be reminded about my own preferences related to the birth. Following the birth, Jeni has remained an important, caring support person in my life—she’s followed up with me to see how Eliot (my daughter) and I are doing and has introduced me to a community of like-minded mothers and birth professionals… I cannot imagine not having had Jeni as my doula: I had exactly the birth I wanted, and I owe that largely to her. Although I hesitated about getting a doula for the first part of my pregnancy, I have absolutely no regrets about hiring Jeni… She’s the best!”
Heather T.

“The first time I sat down and spoke with Jeni, I felt like I had known her for years. I think she has a way with connecting with women. She listens well to what they want and knows how to ask just the right questions. I couldn’t have been more impressed with her professionalism, her compassion, her knowledge, and her overall support throughout my pregnancy, birth, and beyond. The birth of our first and only baby was really like a dream. I can recount every little detail, and it unfolded beautifully, with her right there at my side. I made it through the birth without pain meds, as hoped and as trained for, and I don’t think I could’ve done it without her. Thank you, Jeni. You were a gift!”
Jacqueline D.

“I can’t thank you enough for all that you did for us during Jonathan’s labor and delivery. You helped keep me focused on my goal and really really helped with managing the pain and helping me progress so quickly that I think we surprised everyone when I was 9 centimeters and ready to go 🙂 We will never forget your expertise, your calmness, your encouragement. You were there with us from start to finish on the most incredible day of our lives. Thank you again Tina.”
Tara and Joe

“Tina, just have to say you are so AMAZING!!! You are a true blessing! We really could not have done it without you. We are so very grateful for all of your hard work and support. It was a tough few days, but we got through it with a healthy momma and baby. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are a wonderful person, so happy to have you in our lives.”
Akeisha and Coby

“As I hold my dear daughter in my arms ,  I  can’t help but think about the way she entered this world. I’m happy with how she came and remembered the day as the best one of my life.  I was so incredibly lucky to have found Tina. Her sweet and calm ways made all the difference in the world, she supported me and encouraged me through out my very long and at times painful labor.  I can honestly say that I had no fear because I knew I was well taken care of.  She was a blessing since the moment we first hired her.  She helped me find an incredible midwife and I was able to have a great team during the day of the delivery. She listed to every single one of my concerns months before my due date and always gave me great advice, but most importantly, she made me feel at ease during anxious times. I highly recommend her, she’s now an important person in our family.  I couldn’t have done it without her!”

Elba Mandelbaum

“Dear Jeni, Words cannot even begin to express how thankful and grateful we are to have gone through this incredible, unforgettable journey with you! I could not have imagined having anyone else by our side, guiding us, coaching us, and providing us with the emotional support that we truly need as new parents. We hope that you will stay in our lives and continue to share your gift with us! You are truly one of a kind! All our love.”
Stephen and Greta

“Hi Tina! I wanted to thank you for helping get through another great labor. It was so painful but when I think about it the whole experience was somehow fun. You really helped me get through the end. Caleb is adjusting much better than I thought he would and Annabelle is such an angel. Thank you!”
Michelle and Caleb

“I had an emergency c-section with my first child and was committed to a VBAC. Jeni was so supportive throughout the months before. Whenever I needed some positive advice or just someone to listen, she was always there. I wouldn’t have gotten through the preparation for birth without her. Even though I couldn’t have the birth that I had dreamed about, I was so happy with how my birth turned out. I was really nervous and so was my husband. Jeni was there to hold my hand, calm me with lavender oil and help me breast feed just after my little baby girl arrived. It was only because of Jeni that we were able to create such a beautiful journey and memory.”
Krista A.

“Jeni Johnson was our doula for the birth our our son in July 2011. From the moment we met, Jeni was supportive, encouraging, calming, reassuring, and available. She helped my husband and me think through our ideal birth plan – not being induced, no drugs, no epidural, in a hospital just in case – and guided us through considering our preferences should other situations arise. She checked in with each doctor’s visit. She answered questions I never thought I would ask another person. She immediately exceeded our expectations. I felt confident that my son’s birth would be just as we imagined it (or as close to it as I could control) and that Jeni was the right person to help me stay focused.And then my water broke… six weeks before my due date. A premature baby was not in the plan. It wasn’t even in the contingency plans. Thankfully, Jeni was at the hospital before we knew it and a wave of calm washed over everything. She didn’t just take care of both me and my husband; she empowered us to be our best in that moment. There are so many examples I could share… a gentle touch on my shoulder to remind me to relax, a reassuring look to my husband at the right time, knowing just when we should call for the nurse or midwife. I honestly find it difficult to put into words what she meant to us looking back at that time. It would have been so easy to become consumed with the uncertainty, the fear, the what ifs. Instead, Jeni helped my husband and me stay calm and focused and our son was born exactly as we planned (other than the date and the hospital). We recommend Jeni to everyone and feel so fortunate that she was there the day we became a family.”
Ashleigh B.

“Tina thank you so much for your coaching and support to bring baby Gabriella into the world. My amazing birth would not have been possible without you. Cory and I are so grateful you were our doula!!”
Diana, Cory and Gabriella V.

“Tina I can’t tell you how nice it’s felt to know I always had you to call or text. It’s a daunting feeling being a new mom, not knowing how to do this or having anyone to ask down here that I trust quite as much as I trust you Tina. And all the times I feel I’m annoying you and bombarding you with calls / texts, you say “it’s all part of it, and ok” – But I know you are just a kind and generous soul. I’m so thankful that God put you in our lives when he did. You are truly a gift. Thank you for being our doula, postpartum doula and friend.”
Lena, Bill, Valentina P.